Iso 9001


- It is IMEC policy to provide quality & excellent productand services in Water and Wastewater Treatment System by having quality management systems andoperating procedures in place. IMEC is committed to:

- Comply with the requirement of ISO 9001 and other regulation

- Continually improve the quality managementsystem practices

- Fulfill customer requirements and expectations with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction

- Providing quality product and excellent services

- Review the Management System at regular intervals to verify the overall effectiveness of the system inachieving stated objectives and continual improvement.


 Safety Policy


- IMEC, aim to have good service for Provision of Waterand Wastewater Treatment Systems.

- We are committed to comply with the ISO45001:2018 & all applicable legal requirements and continually improve its effectiveness.

- We are committed to implement, enforce and complysafety and health practices including undertake any preventive measures deemed necessary in compliance to relevant safety, health environmental legislations and regulations.

- We are committed to provide and maintain a safe &healthy working environment for all employees andvisitor, by ensuring adequate control to minimize risk toemployees, visitors and the public.

- We will ensure management objectives are established at relevant functions and levels.




- It is IMEC policy to implement, maintain and continuallyimprove environmentally sound practices to minimizethat environmental impact. The Company has established operating practices - to:

- Ensure that managed project is operated in accordance with applicable legislation and other requirement

- Employ personnel who are able to effectively supervise and carry out environmental protection as defined in the operating procedures

- Emphasize pollution prevention.

- Continuously seek improvement related to environmental protection by reducing the energy consumption where applicable and minimizing wastes

- Set objectives and targets and continually monitor progress